41st Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society

Heuristics, hacks and habits

07/24/19, ROOM 519AB, Palais des Congrès de Montréal


This workshop covers work that casts human and machine learning, decision making and reasoning as boundedly optimal.

9:00 AM

Welcome and introduction

Eric Schulz
9:05 AM

Bridging Marr’s levels

Tom Griffiths
9:35 AM

Bounded rationality for Artificial Intelligence

Özgür Şimşek
10:05 AM

Discovering heuristics and learning how to decide

Falk Lieder
10:35 AM

Morning Break

11:00 AM

Learning to infer

Ishita Dasgupta
11:30 AM

Strategies for physical reasoning

Kevin Smith
12:00 NOON

Lunch Break

1:00 PM

Ecological active learning

Azzurra Ruggeri
1:30 PM

Optimizing with confidence

Eric Schulz
2:00 PM

Rapid trial-and-error learning in humans and machines

Kelsey Allen
2:30 PM

Afternoon Break

3:00 PM

Resource-rational mental simulation

Jess Hamrick
3:30 PM

Slothful serial; perilous parallel processing

Peter Dayan
4:00 PM


Moderated by Josh Tenenbaum